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System of The Month! (or so...)

Our System Of The Month winner was submitted by Chris. A vinyl lover form VA.

Chris SOTM

I’ve bought so much audio gear over the years only to be satisfied for brief moment each time after my purchases… I’m sure most everyone reading this can relate, always hoping this is IT! But “IT” never happens… My kids and neighbors now have some pretty nice systems thanks to my hand-me-downs and they are happy but what the heck is wrong with me?

Well in my pursuit of making the most inconvenient hobby of listening to vinyl records sound better I set out to ditch the digital modulation all together in search of SMOOTH. TUBES! I needed to try tubes, the only audio device I had never hooked up in any of my past systems. Why? Well I liked integration, a single thing that performs many functions. I never really thought of a tube amp as being one of those things until my late night couch surfing landed me on Rogue’s website where I found a whole line of Integrated Amplifiers WITH TUBES and even made in USA! Love at first sight! I had to have to have the Cronus Magnum III because “IT” has “TUBES” big ones everywhere for all to see. After I fell in love I decided to read reviews to get to know this amp better before we tied the knot. I read every review of every iteration of the Cronus and I must say to my surprise everyone else loved it too. A utilitarian’s dream come true with lots of metal and power for days.  

I hem hawed around a bit more before pulling the trigger even though 75% of me was saying do it! After all this would be the most expensive single piece of equipment I had purchased to date.

My new Rogue AMP arrived February 10th , I even took of work early to pick it up. On the way to the A/V store I stopped by this little jewelry place to get the Ms.’s  something nice for Valentine’s Day in hopes it would distract from the MAMMOTH new AMP with glowing tubes now setting in my audio rack. It didn’t. But she was still very happy and now I can honestly say I was even happier for the both of us.

I’ve been playing this amp every day since, throwing every genre of music at it and have been grinning ear to ear in the process. It’s simplified MADE IN USA analog amazingness at its finest and it plays music so perfectly! Oh and percussion with this AMP – WOW! I have it paired with some Klipsch Heresy IV’s, REGA P3, Sound Smith Zephyr MK III cartridge and some cheap old Belden 9497 tinned copper speaker cable. FYI this thing is HEAVY so I made new rack to hold its heft (pictured).        

I have finally found my “IT” forever AMP and we ALL be together for a very very long time.

Well done Rogue.        

*Every month (or thereabouts) we will be choosing a "System of the month" from our customer's submissions. Modest or not, please send us a picture(s) and tell us what makes your system special and why you love it. If your system is chosen you'll win a genuine Rogue Audio hat or other Rogue swag. All submissions will be subject to editing and will be posted with your first name and the city or town where you live.



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