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Product Manual Downloads

Below you'll find a list of Rogue Audio product manuals. You'll need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view the .pdf's.


DragoN amplifier

DragoN Mononblock amplifiers

Altas Magnum III

Sphinx v3

Triton II

RP-9 preamplifier

RP-1 preamplifier

RP-5 preamplifier

RP-5 v2 preamplifier

RP-7 preamplifier

RH-5 headphone amplifier

Cronus Magnum III

Cronus Magnum II


Pharaoh II

Sphinx v2

Stereo 100

Ares Phono

Ares II Phono 

Triton Phono


Apollo Monoblocks


Zeus Power Amplifier

Hera II/ Athena Preamplifier

Perseus Preamplifier

Metis Preamplifier

M-150/180 Monoblocks

Ninety-Nine Preamplifier

Eighty-Eight Power Amplifier

Cronus Integrated Amplifier

Atlas Power Amplifier

M-120 Monoblocks

Tempest II Integrated Amplifier

Tempest Integrated Amplifier

Stealth Phono Preamplifier

Sixty-Six Preamplifier

Stereo 90 Amplifier



Our Products:

   Integrated Amps
   Stereo Amps


   Phono Preamps
   Headphone Amps
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