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New Sphinx V3 coming soon!

v3 detail

The already awesome Sphinx is receiving significant upgrades that make it even more exciting than ever. A completely redesigned phono section now accommodates both low and high output MM and MC cartridges. User adjustable cartridge loading with 44dB/60dB of gain ensures you will achieve the very best results from your favorite phono cartridge. The headphone amplifier has also been completely re-engineered around MOSFET devices for greater power and improved performance. Now even those notoriously difficult to drive headphones are a piece of cake for the Sphinx V3. The highly regarded line stage has also been updated for even better sound with your preferred line level sources. Finally, the variable outputs are now driven off of the tube circuitry for better sound quality from your ancillary gear. The Sphinx V3 is now shipping so be sure to visit your Rogue Audio retailer to hear the new Sphinx yourself.

Sphinx V3

New DragoN hybrid amp

Rogue Audio is honored to announce that The Absolute Sound magazine has awarded our new DragoN power amplifier the solid state Amp Of The Year award. The DragoN has been designed around the Hypex NCore NC500 amplifier module (hence the capital N in DragoN) and replaces the formidable Medusa. The unique circuit design is based on our proprietary TubeD technology which integrates the tube input stage into the Hypex output stage to provide outstanding tube sound yet with a remarkable 300Watts of power. And with its cool operation and no regular tube maintenance, the DragoN is an exceptionally versatile amplifier that can be used in virtually any high end application. Microprocessor controlled, the DragoN features smart turn-on sequencing as well as sophisticated protection circuitry to detect overcurrent, a short circuit, and DC at the output. The new DragoN is priced at $3,995 retail and is shipping now!



The Cronus Magnum III

The new version of the Cronus Magnum features several significant and exciting upgrades along with a new triode/ultralinear switch.

For vinyl enthusiasts the phono section has been completely redesigned for mm and mc cartridges. Two gain settings provide for 45dB and 60dB of gain so you can now use either high or low output cartridges. The phono also has five individual load settings so you can fine tune the phono for optimal results.

A Triode/Ultralinear switch allows for on the fly switching between Ultralinear operation and pure triode. Ultralinear offers the most power and a commanding grip on the bass while triode provides a slightly softer and more romantic sound. You choose which works best in your setup - maybe both!

A completely new headphone circuit is based around MOSFET buffers capable of massive current sourcing. The design is basically a simplified single ended version of our RH-5 headphone amplifier and puts out enough power to drive the most difficult headphones for clean crisp personal audio.

The line stage has been improved and has an amazingly low noise floor for a completely black background for your listening.

Finally, a machined aluminum metal remote completes the upgrade.

Please contact your local Rogue Audio retailer for availability. MSRP $2,995



The RP-7 is named The Absolute Sound preamplifier of the year!

We are proud to announce that our newest preamp, the RP-7 has just been named the preamp of the year by TAS magazine. This is a truly gratifying award from one of the most important audio publications in the world. Thank you TAS!


The 2019 CES - Viva Las Vegas!

CES 2019 - For the 2019 CES Rogue Audio is once again teaming up with Eggleston Works Loudspeakers. CES is January 8-11th and we will be in The Venetian suite number 29-211. Eggleston will be showing off their new Emma EVO loudspeaker which will be paired up with our forthcoming RP-9 preamplifier and the ST- 100 power amplifier. Audioquest is providing the cables and we will be using a PS Audio DirectStream DAC. If you are CES be sure to visit.

The new Triton II phono Preamplifier!

triton II front

Triton II rear

The all new Triton II is simply a terrific sounding phono preamp and is a bargain at its price. With its large variety of loading options, the Triton's flexibility and high performance make it suitable for virtually any phono cartridge and system. The completely new circuit design offers improved sound, better dynamics, a significantly lower noise floor and higher overall gain (70dB). Because of its ultra low noise floor the Triton II excells with the most difficult cartridges. We have also added a user selectable rumble filter and an external mono switch to the new design. The MSRP is $1,295 and the Triton II is available now!

Available now... The new RH-5 Headphone Amplifier!

black RH-5

silver RH-5

The RH-5 headphone amplifier brings our groundbreaking RP-X technology platform to the personal audio world!

Click here to go to the RH-5 product page

- 3 and 4 pin balanced XLR headphone jacks (fully balanced outputs)
- Two pairs of standard 1/4" headphone jacks
- Two 12AU7 tubes with mosfet buffered outputs
- 3.5 WPC
- Three pairs of RCA inputs
- One set of XLR balanced inputs
- Optional MM/MC phono board!
- Three gain levels for matching headphone sensitivity
- XLR balanced and single ended (RCA) preamp outputs
- Full feature remote control included
- Easy to read OLED display with on/off
- 15.25"W x 15"D x 4.5"H 17 lbs
- MSRP $2,495
- Optional phono MSRP $400

The RP-1 Three reviews, three awards!

secrets award Stereophile award Reviewers' Choice


The RP-5 wins The Absolute Sound preamp of the year award!
TAS Product Of The Year

The New RP-1:
The RP-1 is our newest tube preamp design based on the innovative RP-X platform. Stunning in both performance and design, the RP-1 is an is elegantly simple yet technically sophisticated preamp that provides all of the features you need for a truly high end system:

The RP-1 will be in select retailers Dec 1, 2015

Click here to go to the RP-1 product page.

RP-1 Silver

RP-1 Black

RP-1 Rear


Sphinx v2:

Rogue Audio is pleased to announce that our best selling Sphinx has gotten a facelift!  A stylish groove in the faceplate commemorates our latest technical revisions. The new Sphinx v2 includes:

The Sphinx v2 is shipping to retailers now!

new sphinx silver new sphinx black

New transparent "Skeleton remote" with volume and mute (traditional black available on request)

skeleton remote


MiniCap with Martin Logan

Rogue Audio and Martin Logan are teaming up for a special MiniCap event this
April 2nd and 3rd. This is an invitation only event that you absolutely won't want to miss. For details email capitalaudiofest@gmail.com



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